Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CALIGULA FAIRGROUNDS: Pushing the lover violently out of her. Manning my own sledge first in a long time. We play victim in reverse. Twin sets of red horns emerge from the rubble of palm-smashed temple. Slumped in a gutter where concrete drops. Flossing grey mud out from under fingernails with steel-wool-fiber. Believing sensations ascertained from the petals that fell from cupped hands and sitting directly on a spool of razor-wire are not mutually exclusive. Looks like the roof has been burned off. I've been running my tongue over insulation, patting down the spongy-pink. Sometimes we rape each other. I don’t reject sympathy of its own accord. Sometimes it’s okay to be an animal.

Friday, May 4, 2007

for Dennis Cooper's consideration

1. Brick - one of the most acclaimed films of last year. i dunno what exactly everyone else saw, but what i witnessed was barely above average play-acting by 25 year olds pretending to be teenagers pretending to be Raymond Chandler archetypes. it reminded me of all those Shakespeare adaptations that place the story and characters in modern dress and setting but still use the original dialect. it's disengaging. the cast wasn't bad, and the plot referenced its influences without irony...which was nice...but it still came off as silly and insincere. I just don't buy Lucas Haas as an evil drug lord or Joseph Gordon Levit as a world weary loner.

2. Nine Inch Nails (2005-07) - They were always a pop act, but they used to be a fucking interesting pop act. now they sound like a Lucille Roberts commercial. Reznor's music used to come out of heroin and death and despair, now it comes out running on a treadmill and the 56th late night viewing of Fight Club. the new videos look like commercials for cars and computers. I don't even wanna know what his running buddy Marilyn Manson has in store for his next release, as he is to Reznor what Carnage is to Venom...or what Kane is to the Undertaker.

1. Dane Cook - not exactly a fresh perspective, but i seriously cannot stand this clown-shoes. his best material is ripped off from Louis CK, and the rest is just bland "wouldn't it be cool!!" non-observations. the fact that i spent a better part of my college years listening to the painful reenactments of fools who thought Cook was just so brilliant makes me think maybe i should pen my Turner Diaries, replacing ZOG with a cabal of sub-standard loud comedians...maybe get some of those gut-toting militiards on my side.