Monday, February 21, 2011


sleeping hungry. brain matter eczema. a head full of splatter analysis. guns cock every time you wink. dilated like a yawning hookworm birthing a ribcage. like ECT administered in shuffling increments. ply out my teeth so your mouth guard won't feel them grind. spinning severed heads knotted at their pulled tongues. i want to say "so?", but I've quietly cooled to the snares.

point-of-view vomitorium. individualism canceled out. conscious single and endless. mind tone spinning this heavenward. The carpe blanche of mourning. asphyxiate with chin to collar bone. bottom feeding sycophants enable the nausea that is loving yourself. the kindling bough trimmed to a swish. cooking oiled thumbs press ceramic cold sores. not to pile on, but to saw clean the factory bowels. zoo animals were taught of windpipe fragility. now relieved of throats, we can stop catharsis and own the sadism. wanting with the patience of 28 consecutive life sentences. mine-field tired and dead alone.

quick breaths like the fumes quenching the engine throats of the cyber-boned. these careful gasps stiffing luminescence before its bulk can be shed. they abandoned you and i envy their lack of a blood tie. you've seen the weakness you've nurtured, taking misdeserved pride in its discovery. what do you know of fragility beyond the rot of your breast? the same cancer that mashes her joints to pus. with all the behaviors that are at last betraying your mask, you'll damn this animal, too.

A stable of swelling heads filter a trough of bacteria. Exotic dancers with massive head wounds. gynecological puncture leaking hard. Auto-erotic immolation like raping your twin sister; only she will ever understand.

what's the use of shame? all is right without. rope burn like crescent moons hooked together and forming a dotted line that makes the sound of handsaws. a gushing corked tooth. hung thumbs won't lean in to gouge. membrane grating. a cadaver pouch through a sewage mane. kitchen utensil extensions. scalps swing from trees like traffic lights. when have centuries ever prevailed the wormhole of mere being?

all of her teeth had been replaced with leeches. fogging the incest of pulp novels, keyhole voyeurs mumble till the latex breathes. scrap nutrients. fed on back from trash bags suspended by hooks in the ceiling. rooted from the inside. sucking daughter licks the animals' yellowed skin. dog eared jawbones bear a catholic stress. floating and sinking at the same time. rape porn is the new elitism. we pine for the tang of guilt.

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