Tuesday, June 7, 2011

commiting suicide by pulling out your guts through your ass

millennial pinned to your breast when you know they will wilt. scope beslimed in scumhole resin. tamps and pads the blue veins forking at my knuckles. willed to a cough undermining the hiss of syndromes. they were where i am when we were born. a genital-amputee hiding in masturbation. whirl-pooling mold rings a three fingered fist. spared only the remorse of my annihilation's wake, house-broken ash on cradles of infant hands, pocking their wood-chip skeletons.

piggy-backing off the leech nurse. a justifiable-if-sudden cruelty. real pain is feigning tolerance that shields you of your blight on me. affected competitions... a scarab of malignancy. teeth of a wrench down over rib, shaved to a razor bone. held to heart like a sewing needle held to your throat.
the rim is cauliflowered. trimmed in sick orange. floronic rabies blown up into your guts, camouflaged in the sulfur. play-acting Eucharist mashes brown soot between his toes. you call this "walking on air"?

magisterial tether. there was never a doubt it would end with a stifled gag. behavioral ticks. were the hairs in my throat swallowed or were they grown? cynics ache from cuckhold tongues when told they are everywhere. mimed the wash so many times, the skin has dried in sympathy. come here for the heartache. all that comes is statutory rape. no surprise or sickness but the lack of either one. can only disgust the more or the less. the true void. a pedophilia of the self. only then will you be touched. reflection is the nadir of what we are.

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